Fear of Dogs

Esther has done wonders for our son, who had a fear of Dogs. She has taught him how his brain works and where fear comes from, to help him understand why he reacts the way he does when faced with these furry friends! Esther has given him the mental tools he needs to overcome his fear and be able to cope with doggy situations.
We’ve noticed he has more confidence in general, and love that he has the mental tools he needs to be able to overcome anything in the future. He’s very much enjoyed learning about the brain, and why it thinks the way it does, and he’s enjoyed all of the time spent with Esther via Zoom. To see him become more confident, and even bike to school through the park every day now, is nothing short of the work of a genius! Thank you, Esther, from Frankie and his family.

Driving Anxiety

I reluctantly messaged Esther after not getting anywhere with my driving anxiety after many therapy sessions following a car crash. However, my hesitancy soon faded following my first session. I left my session feeling like a new person. I went into my hypnotherapy treatment unsure of my future with my anxiety, but I’ve come out happier, relaxed, and more determined than ever. I’m not only a better person, father, and husband – I’ve learned to understand my body and mind, dealing with my struggles in a positive way. Thank you Esther for showing me that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Calming the overwhelm

I met Esther through networking. Her warmth and openness were evident during our initial consultation and the follow-up session. She knows her stuff and is passionate about the subject. She listened to my issues and made me feel comfortable talking about them.

The trance part of our session was so relaxing I fell asleep! Since working with Esther I’ve been noticing what I think about more and am able to focus my mind on the positive rather than the negative. I would recommend Esther to anyone that needs to calm the overwhelm.


I had the most wonderful Relaxation session. I’ve not felt this relaxed in a very long time! Esther was friendly, and welcoming, and made me feel comfortable from start to finish. Everything was tailored to my individual needs, and I came away with a happier, more positive way of thinking. It truly was wonderful and would highly recommend it.


As a man of a “certain age”, I was always one of those that just carried on, bottling emotions and feelings up only for them to spill out all over the place when least expected. I finally realised that Anxiety was a real thing for Men and not just something that was talked about in magazines and on the TV and that I probably should get some help managing this. I reached out to Esther at Anew Hypnotherapy who helped me understand why I might be processing things the way I was, why my emotional bucket was overflowing causing poor sleep and resulting in anxiousness. With Esthers understanding, coaching, and methods I am at last feeling confident that I can manage my anxiety, improve my sleep, and generally balance work, family, and everything else a lot better.

These Zoom Sessions Have Been My Saviour

After years of not getting a good night’s sleep because of stress and anxiety, probably because of my M.S.; I can say for the first time I’m now starting to get my sleep back and feeling much better with a full night’s sleep on a regular basis. I need to thank Esther for working her magic wand with me. These Zoom sessions have been my saviour, focusing on helping me to develop a positive mindset and techniques to improve my sleeping and feel much better with less stress and anxiety.

Teenage Anxiety & Overwhelm

My daughter seemed to be spiralling from a happy, bubbly confident girl to a shadow of her former self. She lost all confidence, was close to tears most of the time & felt thoroughly overwhelmed with life. I knew she needed help and Esther was the perfect fit. From the very first meeting they clicked and quickly built up a rapport. Within a short space of time she was well on the road to recovery, being able to deal much better with her teenage issues. I am so very pleased to have my happy daughter back once more & I believe it was Esther who gave her the tools in order to deal with life’s pressures.

My life is back on track.

Having found myself in somewhat of a dark period in my life, I knew I needed some help navigating my way through it, as it seemed to be overwhelming me and my thoughts. I’m so pleased to have found Esther, and upon our first session knew I had found the right person to talk through my issues and help resolve them. Esther gave me the mental tools to look at life through a new lens and create deliberate positive actions each day to put me on a better path. Quite simply, I’ve never had more value from conversations than those times spent talking with Esther – and my life is back on track again because of her knowledge, understanding, and kindness. I wholeheartedly recommend Anew Hypnotherapy to anybody who finds themselves a little lost in their minds. Sometimes we all need a little help!

Panic Attacks & Anxiety

I’m truly amazed at just how changed I am. After a relatively short period, I’ve gone from frequent panic attacks daily, and huge anxiety, to being able to cope with just about anything!! I feel confident, capable, and way happier. Thanks to Esther I understand how the brain works which is an absolute eye-opener. I was so desperate, had lost weight, and was close to breakdown; now I am strong and ready for the future. I am truly amazed by hypnotherapy and Esther!