My life is back on track.

Having found myself in somewhat of a dark period in my life, I knew I needed some help navigating my way through it, as it seemed to be overwhelming me and my thoughts. I’m so pleased to have found Esther, and upon our first session knew I had found the right person to talk through my issues and help resolve them. Esther gave me the mental tools to look at life through a new lens and create deliberate positive actions each day to put me on a better path. Quite simply, I’ve never had more value from conversations than those times spent talking with Esther – and my life is back on track again because of her knowledge, understanding, and kindness. I wholeheartedly recommend Anew Hypnotherapy to anybody who finds themselves a little lost in their minds. Sometimes we all need a little help!

Panic Attacks & Anxiety

I’m truly amazed at just how changed I am. After a relatively short period, I’ve gone from frequent panic attacks daily, and huge anxiety, to being able to cope with just about anything!! I feel confident, capable, and way happier. Thanks to Esther I understand how the brain works which is an absolute eye-opener. I was so desperate, had lost weight, and was close to breakdown; now I am strong and ready for the future. I am truly amazed by hypnotherapy and Esther!


I contacted Esther to help me with weight loss, little did I know that she would begin unwinding my stress ball. I used to worry about anything and everything possible. I would have anxiety over things that haven’t happened yet or at all. With Esther’s help, I am now able to shut down that anxiety and enjoy the NOW and look forward to tomorrow and RELAX. I sleep better, I function better at work and home. I have learned that it’s ok to let others take care of themselves and it’s ok to take care of me. If you are the type of person that needs to take control of everything around you or you think it won’t be done right. I totally understand. That was me! And it’s not healthy! Talk to Esther she will help you get the inner calmness that you deserve to have.
Thank you so much Esther!! I am so much happier in my own skin!!


Esther is incredible! What a difference a few weeks has made to my confidence, self-esteem, anxiety levels, and my understanding of the way my brain works. I could not recommend Esther enough, she is calm, kind, non-judgemental and so knowledgeable, she will help you get to where you want to be (whatever the issue or problem). After only a few sessions I started to see the difference in myself as did others, I am still on a journey but the destination is in sight and it’s all thanks to Esther. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything, you truly are an inspiration.