Quit Smoking or Vaping

Photo by Kristaps Solims on Unsplash

Smoking or vaping cessation through Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is very safe and incredibly effective, with success rates being as high as 80%. Contrary to popular belief, the addiction to smoking is less to do with the chemicals in the cigarettes (or vape), and more to do with the mind. Most independent scientists would agree that actually, the physical addictive aspect constitutes about 10% – 90% is in the mind

So how does Solution Focused Hypnotherapy work for smoking or vaping cessation?

There are 3 parts to this process. The 1st part is where we talk about why and how you smoke, and critically, how the brain and the mind work in relation to smoking, why some of us smoke and why we find it difficult to stop. In many ways, this is the most important part of the process, as it is this that will stay with you long after this process is over. We’re not just interested in you being free of smoking tomorrow, next week, or next month. We are interested in 5 years’ time when you have had a really tough day at work, a blazing row with someone, and you’re settling down with an alcoholic drink when a close friend offers you a cigarette. It is this understanding of the brain and of the mind that stays with you and helps to prevent you from lighting up again.

The 2nd part of the process is where we do the hypnosis. Using positive suggestion and guided visualisation, we are able to focus on the behaviours that you wish to change; in this case smoking or vaping. It isn’t magic but it does help you to use your mind in a fundamentally different way in relation to what you want to change.

The 3rd part is the audio recording that I will give you to take away that reinforces this process for reasons I will explain during your session.

Smoking or vaping cessation requires only one 2-hour appointment, and no initial consultation is required.