Midlife – From Crisis to Calm

Midlife Crisis

Midlife crisis unfortunately often brings to mind the stereotypical image of a middle-aged man purchasing luxury items like a sports car, taking risks, and seeking the affection of a younger woman. Or a woman getting plastic surgery to retain her youthful looks. These cultural stereotypes create an unhealthy stigma around the problem of midlife crisis.

Midlife can be a difficult time to navigate. It is a time of change and transition, hormonally, physiologically, societally, and within our personal relationships. There is an assumption that we should have our stuff together by now, and many of us feel like we don’t. Or at least life hasn’t worked out the way we planned or anticipated. We feel lost, restless, and dissatisfied, and we’re not sure why. We may be juggling work responsibilities with raising children and potentially caring for aging parents too. We have or have had, relationship challenges, financial challenges, and health challenges.

We may be struggling too with a loss of identity or purpose after losing a role that once defined us, the role of spouse, parent, child, or profession. We’ve reached a point where we’re staring down the barrel of our own mortality and it scares us.

Women are uniquely vulnerable to midlife issues. Not only because of the changes our bodies go through as we contend with menopause, which further impacts our health, our emotions, and our relationships. But because society demands that we be everything to everyone. Caretakers, breadwinners, and beauty queens all at one time. So maintaining our happiness and well-being during all of this can seem almost impossible.

Signs you are struggling

  • Feelings of sadness or suffering with low mood/depression.
  • Feeling lost, restless, and/or dissatisfied and you can’t pinpoint why.
  • High levels of anxiety and overwhelm.
  • You’ve lost your confidence, you have low self-esteem.
  • Physical symptoms caused by high stress & anxiety levels.
  • You’ve lost interest in the things you used to enjoy.
  • Loss of libido.
  • Loss of identity, loss of purpose.
  • You are questioning everything; job, career, relationships, etc., and comparing your life with others or the ideal you had envisaged.
  • You make rash or impulsive decisions; knee jerk reactions based on your current feelings.
  • Your sleep is suffering. Either sleeping too much or your sleep is disturbed and you’re not sleeping enough.
  • You are concerned that your best years are behind you.
  • When you look to the future, it doesn’t excite you anymore.
  • You feel bored with life. You feel stuck in a rut. Your spark has gone.
  • Worrying a lot about your appearance.

I can help and support you through this midlife transition.

Aging is something that we cannot avoid. It is inevitable. But how we age, is something we do have control over.

I will be your cheerleader. Your midlife mentor. I will help and support you in navigating midlife, by helping you to understand your brain and your mind. Giving you the tools and the skills to reduce your anxiety and overwhelm, and help you to move forwards toward your preferred future with increased confidence and self-esteem. You will find you are able to cope better with your day-to-day life. Sleep improves, and there is no longer that level of worry or dissatisfaction, no more fearing the future, but welcoming it, excited by it, knowing what you want and how you are going to get there.

With reduced stress levels comes a reduction in some of the more common menopause symptoms too, like hot flushes, poor sleep, mood swings, etc.

And, best of all, life regains its vibrancy. Your inner spark is reignited! So you can thrive and embrace midlife feeling empowered, and live the happy, fulfilled life you long for and deserve.

To begin your journey or to find out more, book your free consultation by following this link. Or contact me with any questions you have.